A Fearless Female Founder: Discover The Roots of Rebel K Collective

Creating Rebel K Collective (my own little comfy nook on the internet) was the hardest yet most fulfilling experience I’ve ever been through. Curating amazing and unique collections for my women’s clothing store has become my favorite part of running my shop. 

My mission lies in one simple but grand idea: To bring together stunning clothing ensembles for all women. My shop collections are crafted carefully. Every dress, each blouse, each skirt handpicked by me. I thread together these garments creating the narrative of style and grace—garments for women of every age, every body type, every occasion. Most of my day burns away at the dazzling interface of my computer screen, hopping from one vendor's list to another. Was the crisp white top with the dainty floral embroidery from Madam Bella’s right for the upcoming spring collection? Would the bold Bohemian-inspired dress from Wild Threads make into the summer collection? Choices!

When I am not reading about history, or watching reruns of Broad City, you will often catch me listening to music and at age 42 in my current city of Houston, TX. I am a female disabled business owner. My condition causes a lot of chronic pain and down time. Building RKC is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

So, that’s me…Karly, queen of Rebel K Collective, just a fashion novice curating trending collections for modern women. 

I am what I choose to be and I choose to bring beauty, grace, and female empowerment into the universe through my business.

Starting Rebel K Collective is a beautiful positive journey, and I want to share every bit of it with you.

All sizes are purely human sizes. We do our very best to source clothing and accessories that are available in a full size run. Most of the curated clothing pieces here run size S-3X. However, we also have items that run up to 6X. The listing title may include "Plus Size" only to clearly direct customers to where these larger size pieces are. All sizes are just human sizes.

Only Humans

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